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Pathfindrs noob-guide to ESO PVP

Just a couple of weeks ago I was completely clueless when joining a group (that didn’t stop me though), but now – after several hours of running with people who actually know what they are doing – I some times think I have a vague understanding of what is happening. And I’ve gotten pretty good at following orders. When I understand them. And I don’t die as often anymore. :p


So, here’s a few tips for other noobs:

How to get to Cyrodiil:

First you have to be level 10 or higher to get access to Cyrodiil.

To get into Cyrodiil you press L and choose the tab “Campaigns”.

The Aldmeri Scholars home campaign is 30-day standard Thornblade (guest campaign is 7-day Haderus). Place your pointer over the campaign name and press E to enter the campaign (if it is full you will be placed in the queue and you will get a notification when you can enter. When your turn is up you have 1 minute to accept. Place pointer over message and press E to accept if you are in the campaign tab, or accept via the notification).

If this is your first visit to Cyrodiil, do the tutorial!


How to travel in Cyrodiil:

The transitus system (Cyro wayshrines) lets you travel between keeps that are connected. Your map will show these connections as yellow lines on your map.

If you can’t get where you want by transitus you have to run or ride.

Forward camps are temporary port points and show as yellow tents on your map. You can only ressurect at these, not port to them. If you are the last one through one before it disintegrates you should replace it. You can buy camps from a siege merchant.


How to leave Cyrodiil:

You can’t port out from random places. You have to go back to a wayshrine (found at both the Eastern and the Western Gate) and port out.




The point of the game…
Well, there is obviously a war going on. The alliances are fighting to control the largest chunk of land in Cyrodiil, posess all six Elder Scrolls, and to crown their own best player as Emperor.




Alliance Points (AP)
Basically you get alliance points for killing (enemy) players, for healing players and for taking resources. AP is a currency in Cyrodiil and you can use them for buying siege gear and armor.

Rank and skill tree
When you have completed the tutorial in Cyrodiil (you can skip it, but I’d advise on doing it) you also get a new skill tree. These skills are useful in PVE as well.

How to survive…
Level up! Don’t expect to survive very long as a level 10, and especially not alone. Group up. Get in an organized group if you can. Alone you’ll die… again and again and again.

Aldmeri Scholars is part of the pvp alliance DEI. You are welcome to join them when they are running a group. Ask an officer if you need help.


About groups
There are several types of groups. Some are very large, extremely well organized and the leader (crown) makes all the decisions. Everyone is on TS (you don’t have to speak – or even own a microphone, but you have to be able to hear the leader giving orders).
Other groups are small and informal, i.e 2-4 people grouping up for a quest or a cave. Chat is ingame, and everyone are using their individual solo (action)bars.
And then of course there are all the variations in between these two.
In Cyrodiil groups can have up to 24 members. There is always a group leader (the crown), and there are usually 2-3 people alternating that role. Ingame you recognize the leader by the pretty, shiny crown above his or her head, just like in pve.

PVP groups should generally be as tight as possible. This is to make sure aoe spells, like healing, purging, shields and such covers everyone.
The leader will issue orders like “group up”, “stack up”, “on the crown” and so on. “Group up” simply means get together.  “Stack up” means everyone should be standing on top of each other (much like what you’ll see in a really crowded bank in pve). “On the crown” means that everyone should be (very) close behind the group leader.

In hide, stacking
17 players in hide, stacking – invisible to other players until they run right into you. :)

How to choose a group…
When in Cyrodiil you will see lots of people typing “lfg” in chat – looking to join a random group. Don’t do that – at least not on your first visit to Cyrodiil. These random groups rarely have teamspeak, all communication happens in chat, and if you are trying to learn something this is really not the place to start.  You may get lucky and find a nice group with a good leader, but more often than not a random group will have a shitty leader, and an everchanging bunch of low level group members all trying to do different things. Try to get invited to one of the larger guilds’ open groups instead. For instance the Aldmeri Scholars does run it’s own PvP-events, here you can learn from some of our more experienced PvP-players. For large scale PvP we are a part of the DEI alliance.


Some useful tips when in a group:

  1. Listen to the leader!
  2. Stick with the group!
    If your group is traveling (riding/running) from A to B you do not stop to gather materials or pick up lorebooks.
    Don’t streak.
    Don’t go afk without posting in group chat that you are going, and for how long.
  3. Listen to the leader!


Elder Scroll
Elder Scroll of Altadoon


Still have questions? Comment and I’ll make a follow up post.