Toril Gyldenskau

Da Blogg

10 ways to beat the Corona home quarantine boredom…

  • Binge watch everything on Netflix, then move on to HBO and Prime. If you prefer live action, go to Twitch.
  • Learn a new language on Duolingo (free) or +Babbel (better, but not free)
  • Play MMORPG’s (I recommend the Elder Scrolls Online)
  • Teach your dog how to talk
  • Order an instrument online, and learn to play it
  • Start a blog and keep an online quarantine diary
  • Install Discord and invite all your quarantined friends to a voice chat
  • Redecorate your bathroom
  • Audiobooks – download them to your phone and take them everywhere (kitchen, living room, bathroom…)
  • Sleep

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