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Microphone not working in Sea of Thieves (PC)?

Can you hear everyone just fine, but when you try to speak no one can hear you? Try this!

  • First, make sure your preferred microphone is actually working in other apps…
  • Launch SoT and check that you have push-to-talk enabled – and that you are pressing the right key when speaking…

  • Check that your preferred microphone is set as the “default communication device” in the Windows Sound Control Panel
  • Launch SoT (if you didn’t already) so that it shows up in your Windows “Settings” > “Sound” > “Advanced sound options” > “App volume and device preferences”. Make sure SoT is using the default microphone.
  • Restart SoT and before you set sail check that your microphone is showing as ready (if it isn’t, restart your PC and try again)
  • You should now see the tiny green speech bubble in the top right corner when you press your push-to-talk key and speak into your microphone (it will only show when you actually speak)

I hope this helps you. ๐Ÿ™‚


1 thought on “Microphone not working in Sea of Thieves (PC)?

  1. Nice work! (ใ†แด—ใ†โœฟ)
    Clear explanation and simple enough to follow.
    If I have anymore voice chat issues in the future, I will be sure to use this โ€(*ยดโ–ฝ`*)โ€

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